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Learn about our privacy coin and blockchain platform

KMD is a private and secure cryptocurrency that is used within the Komodo ecosystem. Our project aims to build an open source world, and we invite you to become part of it.

  • Accumulate 5 % in KMD rewards annually.
  • Low inflation & efficient mining
  • Dedicated team with long history
  • Infrastructure coin that powers the Komodo platform.
  • Potential for major breakthrough

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Platform Fuel

Komodo is an infrastructure coin which is required to power many features on the platform.

Base Currency

Komodo will be used as a gateway coin to other tokens within Komodo's decentralized exchange.

Digital Money

Komodo will presumably play a major role in many Apps and services developed on the platform.

Halal Rewords

Automatic KMD Rewards

Komodo has a built-in reward system that rewards users for holding the coin. The reward mechanism is possible because of high efficiency in mining, and will last until block height of 7,777,777.

  • Rewards accumulate all the time
  • Claim through Agama Wallet
  • Reward rate is 5 % annually

Modular Platform For Businesses & Developers

Through our strategy and innovations we position ourselves to power the future blockchain infrastructure.

Robust Ecosystem

Komodo Partnership Ring

Komodo Partnership Program

Create, choose, cooperate.

We have a strategic plan to work closely with quality projects and businesses to build up a thriving Komodo ecosystem.

Ring 1   Create Value

Build value for future partners through whitelabel products and a native blockchain startup kit package.

Arrow   We thrive to provide maximum value.

Ring 2   Choose partner

Choose the best candidate to work with, and sit down with them to build a mutual roadmap and strategy.

Arrow   Focused consultancy to get them started with blockchain.

Ring 3   Cooperate

A long term plan to build synergy for the benefit of the whole Komodo platform and its ecosystem.

Arrow   Growth through new products, services, and users.

Plan For Rapid Growth

Business & developer growth ultimately drives up demand of KMD.

Plan for Growth


New Products & Services

Developers build products and services on top of the Komodo Platform.


Growing User Base

Products and services drive new users to our platform and raise demand for KMD.


Thriving Business Environment

A larger user base drives more developers and businesses to join the ecosystem.

Platform comparsion

Through our strategy and innovations we position ourselves to power the future blockchain infrastructure.

Komodo Ethereum Ardor
Komodo Ethereum Ardor
Technical Name Assetchain ERC20 Childchain
Token Issuance Native Cryptocurrency Ethereum Token Native Token
Character of Transaction On Native Blockchain On Ethereum Blockchain On Childchain
Available Technology Framework From Komodo & Zcash Ethereum Smart Contracts NXT Technology
Available Wallet White-Label Wallet Ethereum Wallet Nxt wallet (until launch)
Crowdfunding dICO Smart Contract Childchain
Accepted coins on crowdfund BTC, KMD, LTC, Dash,... ETH ARDR, proxy tokens
Privacy Technology zk-SNARKs / JUMBLR none Mixer for childchains
Required Technical Knowledge High medium medium
Decentralized Exchange BarterDEX EtherDelta Ardor Exchange
Supported Coins & Tokens BTC, KMD, LTC, Dash,... all assetchains ETH, ETH assets, Proxy assets Ardor Child Chain Tokens
Exchange Technology Atomic Swaps Asset Exchange Asset Exchange, childchain swap
Order Matching blockchain agnostic order matching layer on Ethereum blockchain On Ardor Chain

Low Inflation

Because of the small miner rewards and user rewards Komodo has a very modest inflation rate.

Long-Term Development Horizon

Komodo has an eager and ambitious team, full of experience and talent.

Multiple Use Cases

Each use case creates a natural demand for Komodo ensuring Komodo Coin (KMD) will have value.


Secure Your Investment

Komodo Wallet keeps your investment secure and ensures you receive the annual reward. For more information see our guides.

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