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Komodo Platform’s Innovation: Blockchain StartUp Kit With Decentralized Crowdfunding

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Our product stands out among blockchain platforms as a solution offering security, transparency, and privacy in crowdfunding entrepreneurship.

Open-Source Crowdfunding

The Komodo platform now natively supports ‘blockchain interoperability’, meaning that transactions on the Komodo blockchain can cooperate with other blockchain platforms. With this breakthrough, we now have all the parts necessary for a decentralized ICO platform, including Order Matching Layer and Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps.

Transparency Security Privacy

The three main advantages of our dICO platform

In addition, we offer a blockchain kit that facilitates coin developers to easily create new cryptocurrencies on top of the Komodo framework. All coins created with our platform can natively interact with any other supported coins, meaning Komodo can serve as a bridge within a network of blockchains.

What’s more, any cryptocurrency created on the Komodo platform will continue to inherit all future features we develop.

Blockchain Wallet Explorer

We provide businesses with a complete startup-kit package

We believe our startup-kit for businesses is competitive and highly valuable in the blockchain space, as it provides a complete package of everything a business would need to begin innovating. The crowdfunding process, as available on the Komodo platform, now consists of three parts:

  1. Transparent Coin Issuance — crafting a new cryptocurrency that is automatically compatible with the Komodo platform
  2. Transparent Coin Offering — releasing the coins on the open market in real-time through a decentralized exchange service that ensures security and blockchain transparency
  3. Private Coin Swap — meaning anyone can choose to make their coin purchases fully private using Komodo’s own Jumblr technology

Komodo’s solutions secure the future of open-source innovation because they allow any person, regardless of race, creed, or background, to participate in the crowdfunding process with the transparency, security, and privacy that Komodo offers.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a freedom that can reach its greatest heights only widely accessible to everyone, for free.

The Difference Between Komodo’s dICO and Ethereum’s ICO

We are not the first to decentralize crowdfunding; similar blockchain examples include NXT, Waves, and Ethereum.

However, Komodo stands out in offering features that other blockchains do not. Other platforms provide crowdfunding tokens that can be dubbed “colored coins”, meaning cryptocurrencies that exist only on the parent chain and are limited within the features the parent chain offers. Any transactions these colored coins make must always be recorded on the parent chain, which increases its footprint and crowds traffic. The colored coins cannot leave the parent chain without starting over.

ERC 20 Ethereum

What the Ethereum platform provides for crowdfunding projects

Komodo is not weighed down by these limitations. Instead, we support native cryptocurrencies. This means that a coin already capable of standing on its own may be able to latch onto our platform, assuming they can make it compatible. Or an entrepreneur can start with our Komodo crowdfunding package, develop their product as long as like while still relying on our support, and then leave whenever they choose.

Monaize Komodo

What Komodo’s start-up kit provides for businesses

We believe that the best way of serving our community of entrepreneurs is not by creating a closed system where everyone is forced to stay, but rather by continually providing the best service; we do not believe in resting on our laurels.

As a result, an entrepreneur’s development team will get both the freedom of their own blockchain and the ability to create their own rules, while still being able to rely on all the features our platform provides.

Because new cryptocurrencies based on Komodo can operate independently, not every transaction they perform needs to be recorded on our parent blockchain. Rather, they can function independently at will, and only need to transact with the Komodo blockchain intermittently for security checkups, updates, etc. This makes Komodo far lighter than our competitors.

The Komodo Platform is ready for business

We have high hopes for the dICO platform, as we believe it provides us with a sharp competitive edge. We can also feel that our audience is excited, based on their strong response at our Stockholm conference. The Monaize partnership, with their soon-to-be-released cryptocurrency, is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, because it is the first of its kind.

The link-up with Monaize is quite revolutionary as it stands as one of the deepest blockchain-banking relationships yet formed. This partnership is made even more unique by the fact that it operates on the dICO platform.

No other e-banking blockchain service has created a cryptocurrency that is fully decentralized, private, and anonymous at the initial point of purchase, and which utilizes a cryptocurrency that both operates on the parent blockchain, and is capable of standing on its own. Together with Monaize, we are prepared to make blockchain history.

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