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Announcement: We Are Delaying the Monaize Public dICO Launch To Allow for Additional Testing

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The Komodo Platform’s backend technology has proven to be both stable and functional. In preparing for the Monaize dICO launch we successfully executed more than 1700 cross-chain atomic swaps during our dICO test phase.

Recently, during our final preparatory stages, we conducted what’s called a “stress test,” in which we simulated a high-level pressurized load on the Komodo system across a wide variety of hardware setups, operating systems, and other customized configurations. Although the backend technology withstood the pressure, the standalone dICO App (Graphical User Interface) showed small troubleshooting issues. These issues would have been impossible to discover without our growing volunteer-developer community, who provided their support in performing the mass-scale stress test.

Our goal for the Monaize dICO was to have a simple and seamless experience for contributors of all technical levels, including those who have no technical experience at all. After careful consideration, we have made the decision, along with our partners at Monaize, to postpone the public dICO launch until the standalone dICO application is fully stable for all users.

The public testing that took place within the Komodo community this week was a highly beneficial experience. Our community helped to optimize the standalone dICO App, as well as to identify additional issues that we can now resolve.

Therefore we are establishing lucrative bounty-rewards for the most active testers and beta dICO participants. At Komodo, we take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality when it comes to trust-less decentralization, and we appreciate the support our community provides. Please reach out to us on our Slack channel if you would like to participate.

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